Ladies Night Out Ideas for Your Women’s Ministry

A ladies night out for the women in your ministry provides an evening of fellowship and fun with a Christian theme. It seems that so many activities available in the world today have lost their focus on Christ and lean toward a more haphazard lifestyle. When you plan a christian women’s fellowship ladies night out, you can forego the headaches and enjoy a plentiful evening out with likeminded people.

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The ideas for the night out are endless. When choosing your activities, choose them based upon the type of people who are in the ministry and activities that everyone finds enjoyable. Remember, you want to offer a variety of activities so everyone has the chance to do what they love. Some of the ideas for your ladies night out event include:

·    Crafts: Crafting is fun for women of all ages so this is a versatile idea for many different groups. You can create anything in your crafting group from holiday decorations to housewarming gifts.

·    Art: Staying within the crafty side of things, an evening of arts is also a great way to bring everyone together for fun. Painting, sculpting, and many other forms of art allow you to enjoy yourself and the company of your fellow Christian women.

·    Cooking Shows/Events: Whether it is a class that teaches you how to cook, food sampling vents or something else, most women will enjoy a night out that involves delicious food.

When you get together for your ladies night out, remember to come together and prayer and have a religious tone to the event. This means no drinking, swearing, etc. However, try to limit the religious undertones and focus on the fun.